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I am an extremely affectionate person, which can be overwhelming to the people close to me if there aren't many of them! It helps that I have many children to lavish with affection.

As others have said in this thread, I am also a highly sexual person, which can be overwhelming to my lovers if there aren't many of them! For me, 2-3 times a day is normal, once a day is acceptable if I'm feeling tired or unwell, and missing a day is virtually unheard of. If I'm feeling horny, look out! I also find that there is a certain level of intimacy brought about by sexuality that deepens my relationships. However, the time spent lovingly doing things together other than sex is the relationship itself.

We make time for that kind of stuff. Playing board games or card games together after the kids go to sleep, cooking a meal together, doing a puzzle as a family, getting grandma & grandpa to watch the kids for a while so we can have a date outside the house, holding hands while at the grocery store... the little stuff (that's not actually so little).

That's where the love is.

OK, well, actually there's a lot of love in sex too.
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