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Entry #3

SoooÖS and P have broken up. I think. S claims heís now a single man, but P isnít saying much. G feels so bad for P, and wishes he could help her out some how. Iím on the fence with what I am feeling about S. Iíve noticed he blames her for all the problems, and never says that he has his own issues or faults. Big flags to both G and I. P admits her own faults, knows she isnít perfect. I think I will back off a bit with S and see how things go.

Last night G and I spent a few hours talking about what we thought about S and P. We talked through the things we worried about (a huge desire to have children together and yet to keep G and I hidden from family and friends), and both didnít know where that left us.

Tonight I decided that I donít want to be a secret. I can handle privacy and all that, and not being open to everyone at the beginning. However, I donít want to hiding in the poly closet forever, because someone has unreasonable expectations (wanting to be rich and famous before anyone finds outÖrealistically, how likely is that to happen?).

I think I surprised G by saying that if, in the future, he has a lover who wants to live with us in the home, I am open to that. He was shocked I would be so fine with it. I just told him, my limits are our bed is for us only. He shares her bed and not ours. He was very happy that I was open to it I am happy heís happy

So, Iím back updating my OKC profile. Iím chatting with a local fellow who seems pretty cool. G says he sounds like someone weíd both get along with (fellow laid back gamer type, lol). So I will see if heís interested
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