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I guess I just do not see it as complicated. Hard to feel, sure. Hard to articulate, sure. But basically it boils down to everyone sitting down to SPIT IT OUT.

First: Where do we come from?
Take the tally, hold into account on the old system what needs to be held. What played well? What did not? What do we keep moving forward? What has to be discarded.
Next up: What are we?

Wants, needs, limits from each of the cast of characters please. We've evolved, we have grown. What are we NOW? In this time? In this place?
Next up: Where are we going?
Given the first two bits, what do we want to be next? What is the best next configuration? Is everyone on board? Everyone in or out -- honestly? How do we best navigate changes/transition? What negotiation does there need to be?
Because there is a time and place for everything. And everything in its time and place. And you may come to find that stars align and can move it forward now. Or it may be the right time, but not the place. Or the right place in your lives but not the best time. Or some time of mix and match with the players -- some at right place/time in their lives for this change and others just not.

Hang in there. Breathe. Take it slow. But an honest assessment of all people needs to happen.

And I find these conversations are easier when people take a breath, and Speak Their Truth to THEMSELVES first. Then to their Others... out loud. If even at a whisper.


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