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awwwww, poor lil pookie, I'm so sorry you're hurting. I'm completely impressed at the depth of your self-knowledge and understanding. You sound committed to your beliefs.

You are very likely still reeling from hormones, which are enough to make mono women feel like that after a pregnancy. (so I'm given to understand, can't speak from experience here)

Are you able to share your frustrations with her as well as your husband? When I read things like you're feeling like it's a lie to spend time with them, I'm wondering if you're holding back somewhere.

The phrase 'mandatory monogamy' struck me also. I'm wondering if you're wishing that you could have non-mandatory monogamy? There are one or two threads around here recently about poly folks who are missing monogamy.

Poly is a lot of work. I suspect it feels like even more work when you're all under one roof, and exponentially more energy when you've got a new infant in the mix. It's not beyond the pale to imagine that you're simply exhausted.

Wishing you peace...
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