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So... have a conversation.

Make a time/space that is free of distraction for a few hours. Have a heart to heart talk.

State your changing self, and your new wants, needs, limits. Do the brave thing and ask --

Are we still good together? Are we over? Is it divorce? A separation? A change? How do we want to be now? When it ends? Still at death do us part or something else?

Like are we done completely? Or is just THIS configuration of a monogamous married duo over and it's time be together BUT to evolve into our next configuration together? Like sanely approached polyamory, swinging or some other ETHICAL non-monogamy?

Talk to me. Husband -- where are you at?

Clearly you aren't being your best selves in Limbo, and staying there doesn't move either of you forward toward your best selves -- together or apart. Don't fear the discussion. Just... love each other through it, and hopefully you can arrive at the place you need to be at.

An amicable parting if that is what it needs to be and still be friends.

Or the start of another adventure together on the next trip around the Sun. Still friends, still lovers, still married, but now something else too.

Boldly speak your truth. Even if at a whisper.

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