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Default Weekend away :)

Well I just got back from a weekend away with my chosen family and another poly family. We have gotten together with them numerous times now and I have learned a lot through interacting with them in social settings. Key things I noticed were:

- My sense of being a "third wheel" is greatly diminished
- I am much more comfortable in showing Redpepper affection in their presence
- I am also much more comfortable in allowing her son to also see affection between us.
- I am a lot less affected in discussing past events in Redpepper's life to share with our friends and reflect on to point out lessons learned

We were gone two nights; one night she slept with me and the other she slept with her Husband. The other couple's kids just seem to see us as family. They accept that Redpepper has two men in her life and we all show love and respect for each other. I feel more like family than ever

Also tonight was the first time my other sister asked me specifically how Redpepper was doing via e-mail! Again, this is a great feeling.

We had a great weekend with lots of family fun between two families that have formed a solid and wonderful bond

Peace and Love

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