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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
I guess I, too, am a little confused. You're saying what you want, what A wants, what B wants, and it sounds like they simply aren't compatible, and in cases, mutually exclusive.

I suppose I'm a stickler for accuracy, but B does not 'need' you both to be happy, he won't die if you're not both happy. He very much wants it, but emphatically saying he 'needs' it is useless if what you and A want is mutually exclusive. Is he trying to say you and A must sort out your differences to B's satisfaction? Or simply that you must each decide what you want for happiness and not put him in the middle? Again, it sounds like you and A want two opposite things.
A since the breakup has not said what he wants... it was when we were a triad i agreed to leaving if we had issues. I can no longer agree to that, so that is why we are here... Partner B says he does need both of us and i do believe him or i would not be using this much energy...There is a past that would take too long to explain between A + B
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