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Originally Posted by snowmelt View Post
Your goal is for everyone to live together and sleep in the same bed. Partner A is not in love with you. A says if anything goes wrong you have to leave. B wants both of you. The loyalty thing.

These are all separate pieces that don't fit together. What is the loyalty thing? Is the reason for your post to ask for help fitting these pieces together?

Yes part of it is to help me put everything together and the other part is to see if this can be done. We live in different homes and have spent weeks together and they flowed nicely when we were a triad. The funny thing is, the last 2 months we have been more of a Vee than anything, as partner A and myself have been having issues and just were trying to force something that was not there.

Also, am i asking for too much on partner B, telling him that if we are not 100% equal and he always falls back to partner A that i cannot do this?
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