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Default The tides have turned

Sadly, the closed triad had to split and now we are in a very interesting situation. Two of us, are madly in love and we are trying to create an equal Vee relationship. Part of the issue of why we cannot do this is my current partners view towards loyalty... Brief history..

Ex-Partner A = The person that i meet first and brought me into the relationship
Partner B= Man i am madly in love with
Partner C = Me

Partner A + B have been together for 16 years, the triad lasted 9 months and now partner B and myself are attempting to go forward, and partner A + B are staying together.

So, i ask those wise and with more experience, is it wrong for me to ask for equitable share of everything. Partner A and i did not stay together due to him not being in love with me that way, however he says he still greatly cares for me and i am part of his family.

What i have told partner B is that if he is unable to give up the loyalty view that this is going nowhere fast. The way it was proposed to me is no matter what i would have to go away, so to speak. That does not work for me, if partner A in 5 years has an issue he never spoke about (which he does hold things in and its like pulling teeth at times) then he should leave, or whoever causes the issues, problems and so on.

Parter B has made it very clear to both of us, he NEEDS both of us to be happy. Partner A has taken off our ring already, has gotten quiet towards me and is feeling insecure... like i am replacing him... even after multiple times telling him i could never replace him.

I have physical needs, emotional needs, that cannot be meet right now, as the breakup just took place a week ago and partner a and b live together. I understand that this should be only temporary, but the goal still has to be for us all to live together and to sleep in one bed.

So any ideas, advice, anything... would help us... we are trying to create our Vee foundation.
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