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My favorite was one who messaged in the middle of the day on a weekday telling me (us) 'I'm an attorney and I don't have to be in court until later today, you want to meet up for some fun?' First, I work normal hours so no, I don't, second, our summary states that we aren't looking for casual sex. After a while when he didn't receive a response he sends another one saying 'I see you checked my profile, I'll take that as a good sign'. He was promptly blocked by hubby. I would have left him be to see how hard he tried....but I get amused by those.

We had another that sent 'How about a single male?' Our 'Looking for' section indicates single bi female or couple and at the time specifically said no single males.

Our most promising so far ended up being really good friends with our last couple so it was agreed that we shouldn't meet since it could be really awkward.
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