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Default Poly married to swinger dating mono

Im wondering if anyone has come across this situation. My husband, for all definion purposes, is a swinger (or wanna be), I consider myself poly, and my bf identifies as mono. My husband struggles sometimes that I love my boyfriend. He is open to our relationship, and had a relationship himself for about 1.5 years, but he never fell in love With her. He's admitted he gets lonely when I spend time with my boyfriend, but doesn't have fear that I will leave him. He's said he's not looking for a relationship with another woman, however he'd love to have someone to chat and have sex with. My bf did cheat on me about a year ago, but has since determined he isn't interested in dating other women, or having sex with other women. This is hard for my husband who seems to think that makes me and the bf more of a couple, which I disagree with, however I can totally understand how he feels that way. My husband at times indicates a desire to meet women, and I have no idea how to help him with that. It's not really something I see many women open to. I'm also trying to help my husband learn to accept that my bf is ok with this vee and is looking for nothing more, and is not looking to end my marriage. Any advice would be great.
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