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Wink Need a little guidance

First I want to thank all of you who have welcomed me so warmly. How nice to finally find my community!

My Intro pretty much sums things up...but a brief recap is: I am married to an amazing woman, I am a woman, and we have a GF. We are a triad, but the GF just wants a FWB relationship with me, and the three of us are intimate on occassion, but the wife and GF are in love.

The wife and GF want to spend time together, and nights together. They have a very deep connection and it has taken me time to get used to it. I love them both, and want for both of them to have their time. I am struggling a bit with that aspect, because I am afraid that once things take off for them, our triad will become more of a duo with an outsider. We have talked a lot about this, and I know I just have to let it happen and see what comes after. Anyone have advice for how to deal with the emotional roller coaster when your partner goes to spend the night with the GF?

The other thing I am struggling with is my own needs. When I am alone with GF, there is rarely anything sexual as she feels more attached to my wife. We have a very good friendship. I accept this and love her very much. But...I really need and want more intimacy. I am still figuring out how to make that part happen. I don't really know where to start reaching out to others who are looking for the same thing. I think I want more of a lover-friendship than a serious relationship, but am open to possibilities. Is there a place I can seek out this kind of thing? I DON'T want a swinger relationship....I definitely want someone who wants to share intimacy and fun on a semi-regular basis...not a one night stand.


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