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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
It's polyamory, not polyfuckery.
It goes beyond that, I think. I mean, yes, it gets annoying when people assume that poly = sex with random people rather than poly = able to date when already dating.

But even if you were having casual sex all over the place, you never HAVE to kiss/have sex with a guy. That mentality of "others get it so it's owed to me" is pretty terrible. What about respecting people's consent? It's very dismissive and not limited to being mistaken about what poly is.

I mean, even someone who has sex all the time, with all kinds of people, without actually being attracted to them (I'm thinking a prostitute, for instance) still has the right to refuse customers, no question asked.

Because everyone has the right to decide what happens with their own body.

This specific thing has never happened to me, but upon learning I'm poly, many male friends have just assumed we'd have sex at some point. It wasn't "ok, so you have to have sex with me" but more "cool, so when are WE having sex, then?" but it was extremely annoying anyways.

What gets me is that learning I'm single doesn't cause anyone to assume they're going to get sex with me. Learning I'm taken and available at the same time, however, does. I'm just the same as a single person, in terms of what I want to do. I just happen to also have someone already. Why is it so hard to get?
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