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I'm sorry to interrupt like this; a friend recommended this forum to me a couple of months ago. I've been reading the threads but have not felt moved to register until now. That's why this is my first post here in this thread.

It sounds like you were sexually assaulted by this "friend".

Funny you should mention that actually, as he is moving quite far away, unforunately, in a month I'm moving closer to him and he wants to come visit -ugh.
Although if he did visit and try anything like that again, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would comply with the above suggestions and smack him one.
....I'm not really one for violence but even I pretty much strangled the guy in order to get him off me.
"IF" he visits? Did I read this right? It should be "IF I decide not to press charges" which it sounds like you're not thinking about doing anyway. I'm the first to admit it probably wouldn't accomplish much to get the police and courts involved at this point; but it makes me dizzy to think that you even would remotely consider having this person remain amongst those you consider "friends" of yourself.
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