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Ella's in Europe doing some field work for her post-grad thesis.

Carob's in our home city (in New Zealand), working on his own projects, still hating his job there, waiting for the final interview with the opening in our new city (he's at the HR stage of things, soft skillz)

Sago's in our new city (Australia), seems to be enjoying the temporary bachelor's lifestyle! Received a few e-mails from him that he's living it up Good for him.

As for me, well! I'm in the States at my friend's place in Boston, about to drive cross-country with her. Hope we make it! She managed to get a Burning Man ticket for me, and we're planning to reach the west coast just in time for the burn. Will be an epic way to end the trip. Hoping to catch up with Heart there (who I met via this forum). Although I have a few more family and friends round the States, not sure I'll have time to meet them. Just seeing one girl in Georgia who I've been internet friends with for over a decade (I think)... Quite excited about finally meet her in person.

Guess this update isn't really about my relationships, apart from... Sago's helped me out a lot with being able to afford this holiday. Meant that I could do it before I got back into work properly, even though haven't been able to save nearly enough for it. So so grateful.

Carob and I talking finances a wee bit. Maybe at some point we'll manage to co-ordinate between the three of us.

Really not at that stage with Ella, though very much into the sharing resources thing. For example, borrowing her car while I was visiting meant that I was able to go out of town with Carob, and get heaps more things done.

Mm, I'm making my relationships sound a bit too functional (as in, serving a function) but what I really mean is that they're functional (in the sense of, working well!)

I might not be writing much for the next couple of months as I travel.
Not sure how many people really follow this blog, anyway... Well. I'm fairly relaxed about the idea that no one is reading! It's really good on a personal level for me to chronicle in this way. And just a bonus that it may from time to time trigger a response. That said, thanks for reading, if you are. And enjoy your winter / summer.

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