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Originally Posted by castle33 View Post

and then.. men are just jerks sometimes after a night of beer and bars. he sounds like a friend that needs to move away... far far away.
Funny you should mention that actually, as he is moving quite far away, unforunately, in a month I'm moving closer to him and he wants to come visit -ugh.
Although if he did visit and try anything like that again, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would comply with the above suggestions and smack him one.
....I'm not really one for violence but even I pretty much strangled the guy in order to get him off me.

Although, as you said, sometimes people are just jerks when they've been drinking and are uneducated on a topic, so I've sent him a cautionary message explaining poly and warning him not to try that again if he ever comes across another poly individual and plans to walk away unscathed.
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