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Default life loves, NSA (non-sexual affection :P )

One of the great loves of my life, "M.", would fall under this thread. She was part of the catalyst "Maia" from the story in this thread that sent me down the poly path. We have to this day still never had sex. She sent me a message the other day saying that she wanted to come visit and I haven't talked with her about it yet but I hope to see her soon!

I was thinking about my current situation. That is, I am currently sexual with one person whom I informed I was poly. She said that was fine if I wanted to sleep with other people but she only wanted to sleep with me.

Last I knew, Maia had met a wonderful guy (her words, I have yet to meet him) so she might be involved... or she might not. I was thinking about the possibility that she might be single and if so I still wouldn't be engaging her sexually just because the possibility it could put Bee at risk (and myself). Which makes me wonder if Maia and I are ever destined to be sexual or will there always be one thing or another keeping us from that union? Or is there some psychological barrier keeping us (such as a fear that if we have sex our feelings/relationship dynamic might change)?
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