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I am much like you ladyjools. Highly sexed. Its not uncommon for me to have sex everyday sometimes more than once. My problem lies in remembering that that kind of closeness makes me feel closer to people than is sometimes comfortable for them. I am able to be very close with others physically and really like that and feel comfortable with that but people are not always open and comfortable with me in their space.

Fortunately I have worked hard at this and am doing really well at giving space. My next step is to be close to people and not feel like I am obliged to have sex with them. Sometimes I desire it, not for the last year since meeting Mono , but have in the past when I haven't been getting enough. I really want to be able to have close intimate friendships that don't require sex. That would be the ultimate for me does that make sense? Heh, let me know if it doesn't.
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