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Thoughts in no particular order.

Last year I had an encounter with two men, one whom I'd dated briefly, Ris and the other his long-time bi-curious friend, Muir. A few years ago Muir had expressed love and intrest for Ris (thinking himself to perhaps be gay) but Ris had be startled and "weirded out" but this advance. Over time this sorted itself out to buddy love. Enter me, having a summer fling with Ris. Ris keeps telling me I should meet Muir. We finally meet, there's a connection of sorts. They are both keen to snuggle in bed with me. We cuddle in bed, and as Ris is being affectionate with me, and me then to Muir (picture a triple spooning) I felt as if I was the channel for their affection. It wasn't so much a threesome as it felt like Ris had been conditioned to be uncomfortable being affectionate with Muir, but doing so with me was ok. I felt privileged to be there, but almost invisible.

With my current partner Lex I think there is potential for a threesome w two men, though I doubt he would get sexual with the other. My lover/friend Adam has expressed Bi-curiosity and I wonder if he'd ever be up to a MMF combo.

Personally, though Lex and Adam have met briefly, I currently feel a great want for them to talk more. As the hinge in this lopsided V (more time/partner ship with Lex currently) I feel like my arms are too far apart reaching both of them. But thank you for the reminder that how they choose to do their relationship is not MY part. I do wish however though that they could talk/hang out more and have expressed this to each of them. I feel sometimes like the go-between since they both want to know that the other is ok with the current arrangement. Shouldn't they just talk to each other?

Philosophically, I think multiple male configurations are great, even on a biological level. I could cum with one of them and then the other. We could partner together to raise children, instead of in the polygamist model of there being less than 2.0 parents, if the male impregnates several females. I think a higher rather than lower parent/child ratio is better.
Me: 24yrd old woman. Lex: my current partner (new this year) . Adam: my lover for 2.5 yrs. I have yet to be with another woman.
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