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This situation is rather near and dear to me as I am in a similar situation.

I have a boyfriend and a husband. We are coming up to a year of sorting out dynamics and settling in. My husband looks for a girlfriend but casually. He has a boyfriend and a boyfriend we share, but its not the same as having a woman in his life.

Right now I would be recentful if he started a relationship to another woman. Perhaps you can relate to what I feel in that I am just now able to take a break emotionally and would prefer to wait a bit before taking on more emotional upheavel.

For me I would also have some control issues in respect to this right now. I like being the only woman in my poly grouping right now, but I don't always want that. I want my husband to have whatever makes him happy. I just want to be ready and able to receive another woman.

As for the space thing? I'm not sure what you mean about that. I'm also not sure how this is a "girl" thing
GS? My life seems so different from what you think are basic gender issues. I don't seem to have the same issues going on in my life. To me there are no gender differences, just people differences.
In my house I have no space. My house is shared with two "boys," and now quite often my boyfriend. We live in a house that is only 1100 square feet. One bathroom and two bedrooms. Any issue I have with space is literally to do with space! Fortunately for me the two men like to keep it clean. I like a clean home, but like even better that I rarely clean it myself. How's that for another example of how my life doesn't fit what is perceived as gender differences?

I think I need to know more about what is being referred to here in terms of "space" Malison?
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