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Default Hello from Central/Upstate New York

Hi everyone. I am a lesbian woman with bisexual tendencies (lol) married to another woman, and involved in a triad with a third woman. Contrary to all those unicorn seekers out there...we are not an equally balanced triad. I do have a very intimate and sexual relationship with my wife and our gf. However, my wife and gf are intimately linked and sexual, while myself and our gf have more of a "friends with benefits" relationship. Occasional one on one sexual time...but mostly just really good friends. We are all relatively new to poly, though my wife and I were swingers before embarking on this adventure.

We are all experiencing some NRE as a triad, and my wife and gf are in the throes of serious NRE. I am little bit on the outside of all that. In our discussions, of which we have many, I am struggling with being a bit of the outsider when the two of them get wrapped up in each other, or want time alone. Yup...the green eyed monster pops her ugly head up and starts poking

I love the poly lifestyle...but I am also realizing that I want a little more out of it and may have to seek an additional partner to meet my needs.

So....I have a LOT to learn. Any and all advice...from navigating the triad to dating advice is welcome.


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