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well update to our situation... I've been going through counseling and am learning quite a bit about myself. I have serious control issues and am working through them. My issue stemmed from feeling left out of my BFs new relationship, and that hurt - that he lied and that he didn't trust me or us. Him and I are still together, as are my husband and I. My husband and his GF broke up about a year ago. He currently has no one, and says he doesn't need anyone, but then confesses he just doesn't know how to look for someone. I've tried helping him, but not sure what more I can do. I'm trying to let him discover this on his own. My BF is still a LDR, but he is hoping to move closer to me. Him and my husband are trying to become friends, which I hope happens. They are both such great guys, with similar interests, and I think would be great friends - but again - I'm letting them navigate this friendship. My BF is not seeing anyone and says he has no desires to. As he and I have talked through things he says he has realized he, himself, can not love more than one person, but he understands that I can. All I have asked of him, is honesty in who he is being intimate with. He has agreed that he will do that. I believe him. Hopefully, not foolishly. We are going to be working with my poly counselor on how this V would work when we are within 30 minutes of each other. It's been a trying year, with lots of growth, self reflection and hard conversations - but I feel better than ever with the loves of my life.
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