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in my V... neither my Husband or boyfriend identify as bi or gay - just the opposite. I have many friends that identify as gay, bi, trans - but do not find myself attracted to gay, bi or trans men. I prefer to be with straight men, as wrong as that may sound to others. My fellas were friends 20 years ago, but no longer consider themselves friends. With the discussion of my bf moving to be closer to me, I have asked if they could try to form a friendship. They have both agreed that they are open to that. I am hopeful that they will form a close friendship. I think that would be easiest for all involved - and provides for easier, open and honest communication - but that will be there choice to make. My husband is open to meet another women as he and his GF broke up last year, but my BF is mono. He tried dating another woman and found he couldn't be honest with everyone involved, it was uncomfortable for him and he felt like he was cheating on me. He chooses to be mono, my husband is mono because he hasn't looked for anyone new at this point. I consider them both my loves and they fill my life with so much joy and happiness.
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