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I am still realing from the betrayal of my husband. However I am shocked at her attitude about it. I am so glad that we found out just how crazy she is. I confronted her and I was very angry (obviously) as they had both earned my trust. She contacted my husband and was furious that he gave me the access to their secret account without telling HER first. She was also pissed that he didnt wait till the weekend as they had planned. She was very apologetic to me, but then behind my back (again) she told him that she had to endure hours of MY shit! Can you imagine? She has NO remorse at all, she says that she owns her part, but honestly she is not showing it. I was seeing these inconsistencies before and was having a few concerns, but I had NO idea she was this self absorbed.

He had told her in the beginning that he would tell me about what was going on, and she agreed. My husband is very remorseful and is begging for forgiveness, she said to me "Why should I be remorseful Really? Wow, the denial is staggering. So she is gone forever out of the picture, as for him, its still up in the air. I am not sure I can ever get over that type of betrayal.
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