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How long have you been married? I was under the impression it was a long time .....10-15yr? long history and foundation. And that you've been open or swinging for yrs....(not your first rodeo ) .... so his reaction if seen through clear logical eyes he could see nothing in your relationship has changed....except his break up.

Yeah you're right ... things are never that black and white

I certainly understand why he feels hurt ....and he's absolutely allowed to feel that way. I was supporting your idea of it being unfair based on all the decisions he made to get him to where he is. Believe it or not I'm on your side....but I do have trust issues so I might be in the darker/brighter shades ...closer to black and white.

I get the confusion ....and the point of the thread. I gave my take on the conflicting emotions a few post ago....minus the guilt.

I think it would be sad and or dangerous to support a toxic relationship with a women who you now couldn't look in the eye with out disgust just so it wouldn't cut into your dating fun. I think you should maintain (as best you can) whatever routine you had prior. Don't allow a shift to least from your prospective. Perhaps an attitude of confidence and normalcy will breed confidence and security in your marriage .....resulting in a happy husband.
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