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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
Here's my professor's study-guide version of the characteristics of this path:

a) Remains faithful to the earth; overcomes personal resentment of the natural order and embraces life for what it is.
b) Promotes personal health and affirms the body’s natural instincts.
c) Quests alone—seeks the most difficult challenges and overcomes them, alone.
d) Creates own values.
e) Affirms selfishness as a virtue over altruism.
f) Seeks true reciprocal friendships to be core relationships.
g) Commits to self-mastery and self-overcoming in which self-pity from victimization has no place.
I choke on (c) & (e), especially, and a little on (d).

(c) - We need to be strong on our own but also we need to be strong in community, in beloging with others.

(e) - Selfishness is hardly a virtue, nor is "altruism" as mere self-sacrifice. Real, authentic, human altruism is neither selfish nor self-neglecting. It is borne of direct insight into the true nature of self as that which only emerges in relation with other/s. Self is intrinsically communal, shared, relational. This doesn't mean that we give up our human uniqueness or needs! It means that we can recognize and honor our true needs in their true and full context.

(d) - There is only relational human being, and while we can and should be inventive and creative, we can only do so within the context of our relational lives. We therefore cannot so much create values as innovate and express and experience our true freedom/s within natural conditions. Every genuine invention is a bit of borrowing from history and from others. This makes us no less unique and particular--or free.
"Love is always a matter of learning how to live in an unknown land."

"Love is always about learning the Nature of things."

-- Martín Prechtel

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