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So much for your psychic powers.

I am so CF (child-free), that I can't even find the words to respond to that without maximum snarkiness.

Obviously, marriage and reproduction are not practical co-requisites.


I'm not going to squeeze out a kid just so I'll have company in case I get divorced. That's what god invented cats for.

Furthermore, "smiling children" should not be produced to "justify their [parents'] poor judgment and irrational moment of decision". In reality, children often ARE the product of poor judgement and an irrational moment of INdecision (or failure to use birth-control).

Guess I should head over to the courthouse and file for divorce first thing tomorrow morning. Either that, or I should get a kid pronto.
Have you ever heard of a "Cat Lady?" You don't want to be one. Of course, being an empath, I realize that cats are better than most men. I am an empath, so I have "cat like" feelings and understanding of yours. Most men don't. Cats are nice to have around when you feel sad.

Children are a responsibility, and so are cats and dogs. Divorce laws were created to enforce the rearing responsibility and to make sure the kids are smiling and do justify the original partnership. You can disagree, and I will agree to your right to hold your own opinion.
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