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Camping weekend.
Maca and I have been readdressing the ongoing issue of nothing being addressed with the other lady.

It REALLY bothers me when problems get swept under the carpet. It simply infuriates me. It is in fact MORE upsetting to me than most any other issue in and of itself.

So, the fact that they have decided they will be 'just friends' and that will suddenly mean that no apologies for the SHITTY way I was treated, the SHITTY things that were said about me (which were untrue) and the breach of boundaries just does NOT work for me.

I WOULD RATHER they simply face the music-say I'm sorry, and then date. Changing their relationship status to "friends" does NOT in anyway make amends for the behavior.


Not planning to discuss this over the weekend. But, Monday Maca leaves for an out of town job and I can't help but feel some anxiety that YET AGAIN it's going to get pushed aside and not addressed, while they continue their ongoing playful, giddy relationship via text/email/phone-without addressing the consequences of their actions.
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