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i dont know, maybe i am the third wheel ive asked her if i was "in the way" even him and they both denied it

i feel like shes putting too much effort in if she wants to kill it (ie actually staying over here, still showing me lots and affection when the three of us are together)

nah not counting kisses, but there are ways i guess hes getting more and im not, it sounds stupid, but they are just certain actions

i wouldnt be so anxious hurt etc if i got to see her constantly, but i dont, and in a month they'll be back together every day, and as i stated before, my time is so limited with her, i totally support her and the other dude and dont wanna eat up there time, again the balance just feels extremely unfair. I have confronted it about her but she turns it around to "arent i giving you enough, youre never happy, ugh"

so i get scared

and no im not a troll and no i dont enjoy this pain, but when we are alone she does feel very lovey and attached to me. But i only got maybe a day of that.
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