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Originally Posted by monogamishSF View Post
Of course she is human! I'm not sure I can tell what your point is. Are you suggesting I accept that she will make mistakes? Obviously I have, or I wouldn't be looking for ways to repair the relationship. I certainly didn't expect this new experience to be flawless for either of us, and I've made my own mistakes to exacerbate the situation. We both made mistakes, because no, we're not perfect little relationship robots.

For me, forgiveness will only come with time, so I am posting for short-term solutions in the meantime and you poly people have all kinds of fun tools for that!
I guess my point is, yes she made a mistake, but how long do you intend on punishing her? A month, A year? It seems like you're more afraid of the connection she has for this other woman and are using that as your reason to punish her.

If you have never seen your partner this happy with another person, then why deny your partner true happiness.
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