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Originally Posted by berserker239 View Post
I mean, shit, i act like i normally do, but inside i know that im dead.


How does one rediscover one's self?
Dude, you're living in an up-side-down world. The cuture, that is. It's quite mad. And so it's difficult to keep your own head and heart on straight, so to speak.

I recommend two things.:

(a) Give of yourself. To others. In any way you think fits with where you're at. Give of yourself for them, not for you. It doesn't matter if the others are human or animal or plant or mineral... but find a way to give. Learn to enjoy it. Follow it as a path of awakening.

(b) Practice sitting meditation at least once a day, if only for a few minutes each sit. Do it every day. No exceptions. Find a meditation teacher if you need one. (I recommend this book for hints and clues: )
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