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Well, OP needs to walk the walk for himself.

Can't really say more than I already have and I agree with you. It's not complicated -- it is super simple. Just not EASY for the OP to feel or do.

It is this crossroads:
  • GF -- if you say you are still in it, then work with me and treat me right.
  • GF -- If you are not it in any more, treat me right. Clearly say you are not so we can disband CLEANLY and not me being used.
  • GF -- You are not making a move, therefore I must treat me right and make the move without your input. *I* call for this relationship disbanding. You don't want to play honorably with me and I'm sad, but I must treat me right to spare me further pain rather than this going on and on.

Hang in there, blahblah. *hug* Do what you gotta do that is best for YOU.

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