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So, Fiona texted me at random this morning. Funny since I had drafted an email to send her. After discussing what she'd asked me about (Fifty Shades of Grey.. Ugh! Eventually I'm going to give in and read that damn book, but I am NOT looking forward to it!), I told her about how involved in the poly community I've become. She asked if I'd met anyone special, and I told her that I'm not sure yet, but that I have been on a few dates with a guy. No response yet.

Half of a check, though, for saying half of what I wanted to. I'll gauge her response (if I get one) and decide if I want to tell her the other, more emotional half. The half that puts all of the various thought processes I've gone through about her on the table. The one that explains WHY I thought it important that she know how important being poly has become to me. Or maybe I'll just give up and send the long version to her via email. We'll see... lol Overall this is making me feel better, though. Good thing Keith peer pressures me into doing what I know I need to do.

In other news... Date #3 tonight!
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