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well we did get to spend a night and a full day without the other dude, it went well

last night all 3 hung out at my place, it was romantic and sweet, she cuddled and loved us both, but i still felt that she was way more involved with him

she even text'd me as we all were hanging out that she wished she had more alone time with him. an hour later they talked alone in my room for an hour, but they still had 4 days completely alone and will be seeing each other every day next month, whereas i only will see her for a long weekend once a month

it seems like she wants this to work, but she cant strike a balance, im not sure if it will get better as they become less and less new to eachother

him and i did hang out at my place after she left, he said he felt bad he was over so much, and thought we all got closer.
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