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I'm glad things worked out for both of you. Again it could be a cheap seat prospective but the title and context,....your words in the thread paint one picture then told no it's really like that ...

You said since the break up he's jealous and insecure ...needy. What's changed ....nothing except now he can look and focus on you and your bf's. comment on his actions. He chose her ...he knew she was cheating on another guy ....did nothing ...was warned ...fought and defended her decisions and action.....violated safe sex agreement. My thought is after that you don't have a right to be illogical and needy or insecure because you brought it on yourself.....and it's based on nothing.

I know how I screwed up the last time with the word for....but this is how I got the attitude impression.

Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
. We then agreed to spend 3 consecutive evenings together, the beginning of next week. I agreed with him that we had not been spending enough time together, which is not only because of the time we spend with our other partners, but also because of work and other obligations. I guess there was a little too much of the 'taking each other for granted' going on.

So after we agreed on those 3 nights, and were thinking about fun stuff to do together, and agreeing that I would go see my bf after those 3 nights, something happened today... Husband sent me an email and said : so instead of doing 3 consecutive nights, how do you feel if we spend 2 nights, I see L (GF) for 1 night, and then you and I have another date? (she's coming back to town after being away for 2 weeks).
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