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He seen some fliry text messages going on and he got anxiety and upset. He said he doesn't mind if I date other woman just not men at all. So where do we go. I let him date other woman and I just don't know what to do or say in this siutation where I can not date the opposite sex.

You sit down (before any of these dates) and talk it out. Other woman can wait -- nothing is serious there. What is good for the good, is good for the gander.

What are YOUR wants, needs, limits? You sound like you want to date. You are not happy with his proposed limit based on gender/orientation lines. What do you NEED this to be?

What are his wants, needs, limits?

What is his fear speaking to? Is he worried about being replaced? What (for him) makes it ok with women and not with men? Aren't they all people? The same? What makes a bi woman you can both date ok, and a strayt woman only HE can see ok, but a strayt man for you NOT ok?

Is he worried about the stranger person hurting you somehow?

If it were flipped would he be happy? That YOU can see XY but he cannot see XX?

Sort yourselves out calmly.

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