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Hello all

My "life partner" and I love women.. Going places, doing things, talking kissing and all that fun stuff. So far we have done this with other women together.

New situations arrise and we get stuck.

Recently he met a woman and she is not bi. They did go out on a few dates and he seems like her and she likes him. She does know about me and is still new to this. I have not met her or spoke to her.

I want my partner to be free to do what he wants. It does not seem like she is interested in dating me. So he did mention that if I wanted I can go out on a date on my own. So I happened to get asked for my number from a male which is different. I up until recently only seen myself with my partner and no other male. But he is nice and cute and I could see some sparks .....maybe.

He seen some fliry text messages going on and he got anxiety and upset. He said he doesn't mind if I date other woman just not men at all. So where do we go. I let him date other woman and I just don't know what to do or say in this siutation where I can not date the opposite sex.

What do we do.


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