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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Why don't you try the closeness of being polyamorous with multiple partners?
I've been open to the possibility of becoming closer to multiple people, having tried it for the past year, and maybe it just needs more work and possibly different partners (other than my wife). So far I have a number of friends I'm cuddly with as a group, but few people I'd see one on one, and none as often as I'd need to in order to really build something.

I generally think that for a romantic relationship to be fulfilling (to me) I'd need to regularly see them at least once or twice a week, no matter how busy or hectic life may be, and my life will be rather busy for the next couple years with school and work, meaning a lot of effort will go into even just having enough quality time with Ginko. It's possible that I'm mostly bothered by flakiness, as many of my challenges have come from things not going according to schedule, with dates starting/ending late, or not happening at all. Nothing unique to polyamory in that regard, except that it can be experienced with more people.

My wife's new work schedule will be leaving a number of evenings open for me to be on my own, so I may have more motive to venture out again and see who I meet (when I'm not busy studying).

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