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Default So the universe really is that small.

The secondary before me kept telling Darling "Oh, my niece's fiancÚ is working on this musical; it's great; he's so talented!" He thought nothing of it except, perhaps, "how neat."

A couple of years ago, I watch this viral video where the groom gives the bride, as a gift, a performance of "L'Chaim" at her wedding. I thought it was adorable and I shared/"liked" it everywhere. I looked up who was behind it, since I doubted amateurs could pull it off. Sure enough, the groom's a theater man. I read his name and promptly forget it, because when am I heading to Broadway?

Tonight, Darling stumbles on an NPR story about a young lyricist/composer making it big, and talking about the music of his youth. Tony award and everything. And Darling mentions, offhand, that this is his old secondary's niece's fiancÚ -- oh, no, they got married, that's right, since their wedding video went viral.

Oh, how we laughed when we made the connection.

Naming no names as they value their privacy, but I'm sure you could figure it out if you Googled.
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