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Im lost, lost like i was 2 years ago, then i met a girl and everything came into clarity. Now shes gone and everything is out of focus.
I've always thought the idea behind "I'm nothing without you" is a really shitty sentiment. I understand loss, confusion and the pain of relationships breaking apart, but perhaps this is telling.

If you're making your relationships themselves the key part of your identity, you're putting who you are in the hands of others. Also, you're bound to doomed relationships; the don't survive without unique, autonomous individuals.

I forget who the hell i am anymore, what i stand for, believe in, want, care for, etc.
Find a cause, man. "Everything" is an awefully lot to discount. There's something, somewhere, you can be passionate about. Finding that thing might be a bit of work and it will certainly require some introspection, but once you find it you can build up from there. You'll meet people, friends, allies, confidants. Relationships blossom from there, and you'll have common things that bind you, not JUST the relationship.
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