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Both of our homes are carpet free, thank goodness! I would like to get furniture that has less fabric so that it will be easier to clean. Right now a good sweeping daily, and vacuuming (along with using the slicker brush on the couch) daily has helped keep the allergens down. He told us he will know within the first 1/2 hour of being around animals if he will react, so I'm hoping with due diligence, that he will be fine. I don't expect him to be cuddling or petting the pets at all, and they are good at staying away from new people (especially the cats, we didn't see them for a long while the first day, lol!). Luckily Bean is so far not allergic to anything. I don't plan on adding any new pets (except for reptiles), and have been planning on rehoming a couple of the small pets due to my own lack of time for them. We will see
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