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Aw.... you guys sound like you are in a good place in your polyship. It's tender bittersweet sweet. I so love that feeling!

The feeling of ***It's wonderdul! It's horrible! It's wonderful! Gah! LOVELOVELOVE! WHEE!***

Are others as honest with each other,
Yes, DH and I are that honest with each other.

or is it a case of people saying things like..."I love you both, and enjoy the sex we have in different ways, but your both equal." Even if that isn't true. Or maybe they allow these things to go unsaid?
In previous V where I was MFM hinge? In our previous "V" arrangement, this was not yet earned. It was a soft limit.
  • Both knew I loved and was seeing the other.
  • Both knew I would NOT dicuss sex information beyond hygiene needs.
  • Discussion of personal preferences, abilities, proclivities and so forth was guarded under the Covenant of the Bedroom. (the soft limit)

So there was no cross-sharing of TMI information beyond names, when it went loverly, and what was needed for safer sex hygiene. DH (Then BF) was the most comfortable with the intrigue first on that one I think. I was ok with it for ME but uncertain with the others owning it. I would have been willing to go there and lower the TMI wall a bit to let some other things flow to find out. OSO had the hardest time with TMI walls coming down. So they stayed up to his comfort zone so we could be at the slowest speed person. Then all were mostly fine. Yay for happy medium solutions.

So, how do other guys cope with a situation like that? You know that the girl you love more than anyone else in the world, loves you just as much, but prefers the sex she has with her other partner? Are they madly jealous, turned-on or excepting in other ways?
Should the TMI wall be down?

DH and I honestly confess to it being part of the whole polydragon chasing turn on. But that is shared WANT, not a NEED in a new polyship should that emerge. (We are closed at this time.) So I'll just enjoy via compersion peekies that YOU are there in your polyship.

*** throwing confetti ***

YAY! It's is wonderful! Horrible! Wonderful! Wheeeee! Thanks for sharing that peek into your world. Made my morning.

warmest hugs,

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