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Originally Posted by Glitter View Post
The allergies was something we were more worried about (though S spent an hour inside, with the animals, and he was ok, and there are allergy medications he can try). We use a hepa vacuum as well, and brush the furniture daily. Plus the cats/dogs have the option of going outside as they like, so they are not all squished into the house.
My husband has severe pet allergies. He will be okay for a few hours to even a few days (if they vacuum daily) in a house with pets. However, by the second or third day, he is literally bed ridden with a migraine that will last for days after leaving the pets behind. His forehead an nose literally swell up to almost twice their size. I'm just the opposite, I will be bothered immediately, but once I get accustom to it, I start feeling better. So just as I feel better my husband is getting sick. Definitely something that can't be taken for granted.

Unless your Rosie from the Jetson's, it's almost impossible to keep up with the needed maintenance required to keep pets with someone with pet allergies, then again, it depends on the severity. Also remember the allergies are genetic, and the kids could be bothered as well (I have one that is and one that's not). The less fabrics (upholstery, carpet, drapes, etc) the better.
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