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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
I am only speaking for myself as a person, not about all women everywhere.

Furthermore, I did not realize that until AFTER we got married; marriage really IS about everyone BUT the [two] people involved. If it were only about love, etc. there would be no use for it.
IMO, it should mostly be about raising children in a secure and healthy environment. You should have love for your partner in that enterprise.
With a poly relationship, all of the adults should still focus on the children, but occasional moments of gratification can be considered a reward for your efforts.

Framing it in this light should help people understand the difference between a marriage and a "civil union." When the intent is addressed as "creating a family" it becomes harder for a homosexual couple to justify the intentions. Many hetero couples get married without any intention of rearing children. Just between me and wall, it isn't a real good idea. Divorce can follow marriage, and somebody is going to get the shaft and not have any smiling children to justify their poor judgment and irrational moment of decision.

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