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I'm glad it all worked out and everyone's happy. Apparently he only needed you a bit to himself meant consecutive 2 nights. Does this mean a slightly shorten version of your trip is back on?

Reading this I could see the potential for many conflicting emotions. You're happy to support him during his troubling time yet it really hurts because it forced you to cancel your 10 day trip and put the other 2 relationships in limbo. You're happy because you both connect and acknowledge the lack of dates, time and attention to each other and the result is a plan to correct it....3 consecutive nights. Its sad and possibly hurtful that 12 hrs later a better/more pressing offer comes up to disrupt the plan. However you're happy because this new plan gives you an op to see the bf. And maybe you didn't want or need 3 consecutive nights you were just being supportive. You almost have to weigh each side ...very complex.

Looking at his actions and reactions .... sitting here in the cheap seats I'd have a hard time altering my plans too much in the future. Id say its time he got with the program....everything is great when he's dating. "we're" poly when I'm dating ...the world stops when I'm not dating. Time to suck it up.
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