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This week has been deliciously fun. It began Sunday after Runic Wolf and I dropped our son off at camp for the week. On our drive up to the camp, we both blurted out the same suggestion for where we would stop for dinner on the way home, a little place called Zonies that we used to order when we would have game at Wendigo's brother-in-law's old place. Zonies are similar to the Pizzone from Pizza Hut, only better. Hand made with pretty much anything you can imagine inside. I had the chicken bacon ranch and Runic Wolf ordered something with pepperoni, peppers, and mushrooms. After eating in the sweltering heat of the restaurant, we stepped out into the cooler street, enjoying the breeze coming off the river, and hopped into the Jeep to run a couple of errands on the way home. Friday had been a particularly good payday for me, so I did a fair bit of spoiling him with Transformers to add to his collection.

I absolutely love the way his eyes light up when I tell him to go ahead and get something he's been wanting. In return, he let me pick up new bath mats and a new shower curtain to re-decorate the bathroom. Now that the landlord is finally finished remodeling it, I can begin to make it the purple room that I was promised when we moved in. Okay, so maybe I like it when Runic Wolf spoils me too.

When we arrived home, I took Runic Wolf to bed, enjoying the fact that I could behave or misbehave as I saw fit without having to deal with kids knocking on our door or our son wanting to be entertained. Just a whole week devoted to sleeping naked and being able to have sex when the mood stikes. At some point during the evening, Runic Wolf made a point to let me know that I should bring Wendigo upstairs after fighter practice the following day. I hopped on Skype to verify what time I was to pick Wendigo up and let him know. At first he was a bit confused, but then I reminded him that we were kid free and there was so much more we could do with a bed instead of a sectional.

Work on Monday ran late, as it is apparently wont to do, so I picked Wendigo up just in time to get Runic Wolf from work and give us an hour to spare before we'd need to leave for practice. Runic Wolf took advantage of the time to play more Skyrim, while Wendigo and I watched. Wendigo not so subtly drew me to him and ran his nails down my side, causing me to shiver and bury my head in his lap drawing a moan from him in the process. We teased each other while our dinner cooked, still trying to pretend we were interested in attending practice. I excused myself to check in with everyone. It seemed the fates were in our favor, the majority of our unit couldn't make it at the last minute. And suddenly we could stop pretending we wanted to do anything other than touch and taste each other. Runic Wolf looked over at us and smiled and said it was about time. I'm not sure how much longer we fooled around on the couch kissing, tasting, licking, sucking, scratching, Wendigo pinning my wrists in one strong hand, while the other tickled me trying to replicate a sound he'd accidentally drawn from me. All of it interrupted by my suddenly remembering that the car inspection was up the following day and I needed to call to schedule the appointment. Wendigo steps outside for a minute while I make the call and when he returns, he insinuates that he wants to take things upstairs and suggests that I ask Runic Wolf to join us.

Runic Wolf agrees, but says he'll be up in a minute and once we are all upstairs, I have to sit though Runic Wolf showing off his new Transformers before I can draw Wendigo into the bedroom. There are jokes about being overly dressed, followed by helping each other out of our clothes, during which Runic Wolf appears and helps, but not before pulling back my hair to expose my neck and biting down hard enough to draw a moan from my mouth, while Wendigo digs his nails into my thighs. Both of them knowing just how to touch, tease, and bring me though teeth and nails. The bed was a good idea and we enjoy it for a few hours before we head back down stairs, sated on shaky legs to curl up on the couch and watch Warehouse 13. At some point, Wendigo asks if I'm okay to take him home and I realize that I did not clean up very well and decide I need a shower before spending an hour in the car. When I look in the mirror, I can't help but smile as I catalog the scratches to my arms, breasts, back, side, ass, hips, and thighs.

Tuesday I spent the day with a friend of mine. Many years ago, he was a occasional friend with benefits, someone who benefited from being in the right place at the right time. He's known for a while that we're poly and that I'm seeing someone, though I never actually came out and told him who, I had gone as far as to say that it was someone he knew, but that out of respect for them I couldn't tell him. This was partly because he was going through a divorce from his wife cheating on him and it seemed like he was asking to find out who was cock blocking him from convincing me to give him a pity fuck and partly because I didn't want to risk my relationship with Pretty Lady as she'd been really upset by our other friend who found out and immediately brought a camera over to be our photographer w/o any of us asking for him to photograph us having sex. He's in a much better place now and someone I can openly discuss BDSM with. So when he arrived to pick me up from the garage while my car was being worked on and saw what was obviously not marks from Runic Wolf (he doesn't have nails) trailing down my arm, he knew what we'd been up to the night before, but said that it didn't matter that we'd kept it from him as long as we were all consenting, honest, and upfront with each other. I assured him that we were and he dropped it. We spent the morning wandering around local gaming and book stores and then headed back to his place so that he could tell me about some of the girls he's interested in and how he is having a hard time finding a girlfriend, let alone a submissive one. His first attempt at a relationship after his wife left, was D/s and poly, but the girl was new to being submissive AND poly and wasn't upfront with him. He is now expecting a child in a month that is either his or the other guy she was seeing. She decided she didn't want to work things out when he insisted that he wanted to be involved in her doctor's appointments along the pregnancy. I feel bad for him as he hasn't had the best luck with women lately. It has to be hard to know what you want, what you will and won't put up with. To lay that out on the line at the start of a relationship and have the person agree to it and then when you hold them to their agreements, to have to watch them walk away. It was good to hang out with him though and see how he's not letting his circumstances rule him anymore.

Wendigo is a moderator for an online RP group as well as a player and yesterday I got a peak into one of his smut scenes. Mmm, it sounded yummy. And from what little I know about the player of his character's girlfriend, she was getting thoroughly teased. Wendigo and I have a shared enjoyment of getting people riled up, stopping at their limit, and sending them home knowing that they will be thinking of us whilst they pleasure themselves. So when he mentioned he was giving her blue ovaries and that he was "bad". I reminded him that I am too and told him how a part of me enjoyed openly displaying my marks and reminding our friend that he can't have me AND I'm getting the BDSM aspect of a relationship that he craves. I didn't want to distract Wendigo from the scene too much since I didn't want him to be up all night when we're getting together this afternoon, but damned if it didn't turn me on to think that he was pulling out all the stops in the scene; knowing that her boyfriend was out of town and the scene would leave her wanting, because she was begging for it when she threatened to fuck him to death in group chat Sunday night. And now she'll always wonder what it would be like for real and they will most likely never meet in real life, since the RP group is a global group, and I'll be here enjoying everything she's wondering about. If that makes me a bad girl, than so be it.

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