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Yesterday I was at Bob's and we had a final closing conversation about whether we're compatible or not. I've had a feeling about this from the start. This is what I thought about him when I first started having any kind of non-platonic feelings for him:

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I don't have a crush on him, he's not someone I would date (too masculine), but I find myself thinking about him just sexually.
And a bit later:

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Me and Bob can't have a relationship. --- To top it off, I'm not even sure we would be that compatible, but this one I'm not really sure about yet, since I'm still getting to know him better.
The masculinity. That is basically the problem. We came to the conclusion that I need someone softer / more feminine than him and he needs someone tougher / more masculine than me (remember the bitchyness comment?). It just wouldn't work. I know this isn't anything new but somehow yesterday we just saw it all so clearly together. He even called it a breakthrough. I felt so calm and relieved after that discussion. At one point I asked him what do we see in each other, why are we still somehow drawn to each other. He said that maybe we just want to learn from each other. I think that sounds kinda accurate. I find him very interesting in a way, because he's such a complicated person and works so differently than me. I just like to observe his ways which I find fascinating but yet so incompatible with mine. So yeah. I'm happy to continue learning from each other as friends. This isn't going anywhere else unless one or both of us changes a lot.
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