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That's what I mean.

He must clearly state his LIMIT of "Look, we have to work on this. You say this but do this. So. What kind of rship is this now?

If you say you are still in it, then work with me and treat me right.

If you are not it in any more, treat me right anyway. And clearly say you are not so we can disband CLEANLY. So I can move on from a place of clear information given and no more of this hither and yon nonsense."

I don't have a problem with people realizing the end of the rship has come to pass. That happens. I do have a problem in beating around the bush and hemming hawing AND taking advantage -- using his house, his time, his energy, etc. That's just... ew. Not ethical at ALL.

Sorry, OP. I kinda got all GRR there. It's pet peeve. But still. You must talk to her and set things straight. Move yourself out of suffering -- ask for the clarify and set yourself free on a path to better rship with her or better rship without her. Either way you win -- better for YOU.

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