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*sigh of contentment*

Major steps have been taken this week.

I'm pretty sure I only have one more step to officially let go of any hope that Fiona and I will even be friends in the near future. After a final effort to reach out and keep in semi-regular contact, she disappeared (again) and then got upset when I said I was done putting out the effort if she wasn't going to reciprocate. I kind of feel like she deserves an explanation about how poly was actually one of the reasons Keith and I moved, what kind of relationship I'm really looking, and how the poly community has become such an important part of my life since I've moved out here. She doesn't know I've been trying to date. She doesn't really know anything about my life here. I think telling her would make me feel better and know that I've put it all out there for her to decide if what she wants/is willing/is able to do would fit with what I want/need, but I don't really know if SHE would want to know.

Date #2 lasted 12 hours. He is officially being dubbed Bashful, because he is adorably shy. The date was great, though. We went to bookstores and randomly wandered, met a friend/woman he is casually dating for coffee (she and I share a career path so she was giving me some info to help me in the job hunt), then we actually went back to her place and hung out with her and her partner for a while, then he brought me home and we continued sitting on the couch and talking for hours. Finally about 10 hours after picking me up, he kissed me and we spent another 2 hours cuddling and kissing and tickling (okay, he was tickling and it wasn't on purpose I'm just super sensitive, but it was fun). Finally it was almost time for Keith to get home from work, and I was exhausted so he went home. It was just so casual and fun and nice. So many stories shared. It was just... nice. I'm excited to see where this goes.

I've also had a few job interviews. Nothing is working out so far, but I'm getting closer! And I got caught up and have been maintaining my housework (finally). I've also made plans with some friends for the weekend. So, yeah. It's been a good couple of days.
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