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Originally Posted by ThoughtsIgnite View Post
. Now we're hanging out in the bliss of new love, and it feels beautiful.
First of all "Congratulations!" Joy! To find someone who feels as you do and wants what you want - FTW!

Originally Posted by ThoughtsIgnite View Post
Why did I seek out a polyamory forum? I want a like-minded community to post questions and seek answers related to sex and relationships.
I feel that this is the place for that - Q&A with people who don't autmatically assume that you are a bad person because you want what you want.

Originally Posted by ThoughtsIgnite View Post
My big question right now: Does this forum permit discussion of sex and organs explicitly or does it steer towards matters of relationship desires and emotions?
While many of the threads focus on the relationship/feelings aspects of things we can certainly talk about (dirty/kinky/sweaty/messy) sex! From the User Guidelines:

This is a site intended for adults, so we expect discussions to be able to include adult language. That means that we arenít going to fuss about the use of adult language. As long as a participant isnít creating a hostile atmosphere by cursing, we figure itís OK to include some salty language.

We also allow adult content in discussions. Participants are free to discuss sexual matters frankly and explicitly within the appropriate context. For example, participants are free to mention that some situation arose when they were "fucking one partner and another entered the room" without fear of official censure.
(Note: any images you post, however, should be R-rated or lower)

So, for instance, I can say "Dude is horny all the fucking time. In fact, I can tell that he wants to fuck the shit out of me right now (seeing as how he is sitting behind me and molesting me as I type right now). MrS is not helping - I have turned into a molesty JaneQ sandwich..."

(PS: If you want to read some steamy stuff suggest Windstar's blog - makes me wiggle:

Originally Posted by ThoughtsIgnite View Post
I'm looking forward to gaining useful insights by participating with likeminded people on this forum!
Welcome! I think you have a good chance of finding what you are seeking here.


PS. Now I gotta go...apparently the molesting worked
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